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Webster's New World Telecom Dictionary

Author: Ray Horak
Publisher: Webster's New World
Language: English
Number of Pages: 591 / PDF 3.69 MB

Webster’s New World Telecom Dictionary, by Ray Horak, is a comprehensive telecommunications dictionary of more than 7,500 terms critical to understanding voice, data, video, and multimedia communications system and network technologies, applications, and regulation. Given the convergence of computing and communications, the book also effectively is a computer dictionary with a telecom focus. It is thoroughly researched, highly objective, absolutely accurate, and includes just about every essential term, abbreviation, acronym, contraction, initialism, and portmanteau you might encounter in the telecom and datacom domains. Although the book is a technical dictionary, Horak’s plain-English, commonsense style yields definitions that are as thoroughly understandable to the business professional or student as they are to the electrical engineer. In fact, many entries are encyclopedic in nature, discussing applications and issues. Horak also injects a bit of his wry sense of humor, sprinkling occasional telecom trivia and marginally related definitions that will have you smiling and chuckling to yourself, but not to the point that they detract from what is an important book on a serious subject. An instant classic, Webster’s New World Telecom Dictionary is the one and only telecom dictionary you will need. It also makes a perfect companion to Horak’s Telecommunications and Data Communications Handbook, published by Wiley-Interscience.

Authoritative, complete, and user-friendly

The telecommunications field is exploding. Wired and wireless telecommunications networks today support data and video transmission as well as voice, and new terminology is constantly evolving.

Whether you're a telecommunications professional, technician, service provider, or student, this comprehensive reference offers you appropriate technical depth in commonsense plain-English style with an occasional dash of Ray Horak's unique sense of humor. You'll find it easy to locate terms, place them in context, and understand the latest developments, including:

* Power Line Carrier (PLC)
* Passive Optical Network (PON)
* 802.11, 802.16, Bluetooth and WiMAX
* Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)
* Storage Area Networks (SANs)
* Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
* Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)
* Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) vs. H.323
* Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)



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