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VTC - C++ Video Training

Intro to C++ & the Environment,Intro to C/C++ (02:33),The C++ Environment (07:02),Completing the Sample Program (06:00),Compiling & Executing Programs (04:35),Common errors (04:53),Saving & Exiting; other errors (02:55),Variables,Constants, & Math Statements,Variables (04:09),Data Types (04:15),Declaration statements & Initializing variables (05:03),Declaring Constants (02:12),Assignment Statements vs. Prompting for user input (04:34),The String Data Type; EquationsCharacter vs. String data (04:12)Using the getline function and the strcpy function (04:30)Writing equations and Type casting (04:32)Putting it all Together: Demo of complete program (03:34)Debugging Demo (04:28)Programmer-Defined FunctionsCreating Programmer-Defined Functions (04:28)Details of Function prototypes, definition and the calling statement (04:10)Scope & Lifetime issues; Passing data with functions (06:10)Passing Variables by Value and by Reference (05:15)Functions that Return Values (04:47)Debugging Demo (02:44)Creating Output (formatting and creating files)Stream Manipulators (formatting output) (03:56)The Output File Stream: Accessing the Output File (05:40)Demo Program (Demo 12) to Illustrate (03:17)Debugging Demo (04:03)Using the if StatementSyntax of a Conditional Statement (03:39)Relational Operators (02:11)Executing if Logic (one statement vs. block) (04:50)Assignment Operator vs. Equality Operator (02:19)Logical Operators (symbols for: and, or, not) (05:36)Other Functions; Nested if StatementsConverting to Upper/Lower Case (04:50)Comparing Strings (strcmp and stricmp functions) (04:43)The Strlen Function (02:32)Nested if Statement Structure (03:33)Demo of Complete Program (04:00)LoopingOverview of the Looping Structures (07:08)Demo of the While Loop (03:23)Demo of the Do-While Loop (05:57)Demo of the For Loop (03:25)Counters and Accumulators in Loops (01:27)Demo of Complete Program (05:41)Increment/Decrement Operator (what does C++ mean?)* (02:38)

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  1. shipra sagar  

    Hello all,I am new and I would like to ask that what are the benefits of sql training,What all topics should be covered in it?
    And has anyone studied from this course of C tutorial online?? or tell me any other guidance...
    would really appreciate help

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